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The Hemp Ground sells high-quality flowers and biomass derived from choice industrial hemp. It is grown in the Maresme region near Barcelona, and that, along with our know-how, ensures high-quality products that we sell to national and international companies, per local legislation. The Hemp Ground makes sustainable, pesticide-free products a priority, which ensures not only an exclusive standard of quality but also exceptionally high CBD levels. Naturally, The Hemp Ground complies with legal regulations regarding THC levels.

Hemp does not need chemicals to grow, and there are almost no insects or other parasites that affect it, at least not in nature …

(Herer, Jack / Bröckers, Mathias: The Emperor Wears No Clothes [11th edition]. Spain: Castellarte, 2002, p. 15)

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The Product

The hemp growers we work with harvest several tons of industrial hemp each year, grown both like outdoor crops and as in greenhouses. At The Hemp Ground, you can buy any part of the plant: from prized hemp flowers to biomass. We also make national and international shipments to deliver to all of our clients.

Some of the most prestigious companies in the medical field, cosmetics, textiles, the food supplement industry, and the animal feed sector use industrial hemp in their products.

The industrial hemp market is continuously growing, and the demand for this product is constantly increasing.

Only the best

Our growers cultivate hemp in like outdoor crops and as in greenhouses, and each season, they select the plants with the best characteristics for cultivation. This way, we guarantee consistently high quality. Our hemp growers' merchandise stands out because of its high levels of CBD. In addition, we emphasize keeping THC levels below the legal limit allowed under local regulations. These excellent levels allow us to export our industrial hemp to different countries without any issues, always observing local legal levels.

We have very strict quality controls in place to maintain our high-quality standard.

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At The Hemp Ground, we know that industrial hemp is a very versatile raw material that grows quickly and offers the environment countless benefits: it cleans the air, regenerates the soil, and doesn’t require chemicals for cultivation and subsequent processing.

The hemp plant was used in maritime navigation as early as the 5th century BC. Both the sailcloths and ropes, as well as most of the sailors' clothing, were made with hemp. In addition to textile use, the stems were used as a sealant for ships.

The Hemp Ground will supply you with the valuable raw material that can turn your ideas into reality.

The best conditions

The Maresme region is located on the coast of the province of Barcelona. To the south are the magnificent golden beaches with turquoise blue waters that it is known for, and to the northeast are the foothills of the Serralada Litoral mountain range. This idyllic region has strong textile, food, and metallurgical industries that, like agriculture and tourism, play an important role in its economy.

The Maresme region's Mediterranean climate, with its constant temperatures, fertile land, and clean air, offer the perfect conditions for growing sustainable products.

The hemp farmers we work with know how to make the best of these conditions to achieve and maintain a product of the highest quality.

Your trusted supplier

The Hemp Ground always strives to meet all of its clients' wishes. Our goal is to provide you with the best raw material for your product in order to guarantee satisfaction for your end customers. We know and value the effects this great plant has to offer, and we are proud to help share it with the world.

Better conditions

The industrial hemp we sell grows in the best climatic conditions, and it is cultivated with great care both in greenhouses and in outdoor crops – all without harming the environment or using pesticides.

Always by your side

As your high-end industrial hemp supplier, we are always at your side. For questions about our products, prices, or our production process, contact us through the form below or by phone +34 933 803 329.

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Guaranteed quality

Our hemp farmers only select plants with the best properties each season. This way, we get extraordinarily high CBD levels and very low THC levels, below the legal limit.

Passion in every way

From choosing the right seeds for growing, to delivering to the end customer, we are passionate about our work in all aspects of our business, and we are committed to productive, long-lasting collaborations.

Ready to get hemped?

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